ETRIS: Education & Training Resources in In-Vivo Sciences


ETRIS was developed by Dr Dave Lewis at the University of Leeds to provide support, for colleagues who provide education and training in in-vivo sciences or who undertake research using in-vivo techniques and preparations.

There are many excellent free, open access e-resources available. However many remain hidden on Institutional or little-known websites. The aims of this project were to provide a mechanism by which knowledge of best of these could be shared amongst the global community of in-vivo scientists and educators; increased usage of these resources and the sharing of best practice ultimately leading to improvements in education, research and animal welfare. In addition to a link to the resource, each is accompanied by a brief description (including details of its developers), copyright or conditions of re-use and suggested audience.

Our intention is that this website is a living resource that grows over time. We therefore encourage colleagues to contact us with details or links to additional resources that they have either developed or have knowledge of. These can either be within the existing categories of resources or a new category.  We also welcome feedback on individual resources or ETRIS itself.

Copyright of this website is retained by The University of Leeds & the authors. It is made available (excluding logos) for reuse under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Copyright of individual resources is retained by their developers or as otherwise indicated within the descriptive paragraph of each.